WooCommerce Docebo Integration Plugin

A seamless integration of the Docebo LMS with WooCommerce that automatically handles user creation and enrollment in learning plans, courses, and user groups.

Annual: $499 | Monthly: $59.99

Simplify the integration

Integrate with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Docebo for selling courses and learning plans directly from your website.

The WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin by Red Earth Design, Inc. offers a solution for monetizing Docebo LMS assets through the popular WordPress e-commerce platform, WooCommerce. Using this plugin, WooCommerce products can be associated directly with any combination of three Docebo asset types: learning plans, courses, and user groups.

Product configuration
WooCommerce + Docebo

When a customer purchases a WooCommerce product that is associated with a Docebo asset, that customer is added to the Docebo users database and enrolled in the associated learning plan, course, and user group.

WooCommerce products can be associated directly with any combination of three Docebo asset types

  • Learning Plans
  • Courses
  • User Groups

Minimum requirements to use the WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin:

  • A current Docebo LMS “Growth” or “Enterprise” plan
  • WordPress 4.7 or a higher version
  • WooCommerce 3.0 or a higher version
  • Administrative access to your Docebo dashboard and WordPress site

How can the WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin help you simplify sales?

When combined with WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin transforms your WordPress site into a robust e-commerce store allowing you to automatically:

Sell e-learning courses

Create Docebo user accounts

Enroll users into courses and learning plans

WDI mapped fields


The WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin provides the following features to simplify the process of selling and managing your Docebo LMS assets.

  • Seamlessly integrates WooCommerce with Docebo LMS
  • Securely connects to the Docebo API using the OAuth2 protocol
  • Creates and updates Docebo LMS users from WooCommerce customers
  • Updates Docebo user fields using WooCommerce billing fields
  • Monetizes Docebo assets using WooCommerce products
  • Enrolls WooCommerce customers at checkout into Docebo courses, learning plans, and user groups
  • Dynamically maps user, order, and product metadata to up to 50 additional user fields in Docebo
  • Automatically updates enrollments on subscription renewals
  • Sets variable expiration dates for user accounts and course enrollments
  • Handles course enrollments for bundled products, subscription products, and learning plans
  • Secures API credentials using 256 bit symmetric key encryption
  • Automatically maintains a current product inventory list in the WDI plugin admin screen
  • Includes helpful technical support (logging, notifications, documentation, email support)
  • Works with the Docebo WP plugin to provide additional features such as SSO (single sign-on) between WP and Docebo LMS


The WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin now integrates with even more plugins.

Advanced WooCommerce product configurations are now possible with the WooCommerce Docebo Integration plugin through integrations with the following plugins

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WooCommerce Product Bundles

WooCommerce All Products For Subscriptions

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Flexible Checkout Fields

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Annual: $499 | Monthly: $59.99

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